1. What can I bring to Open Streets Columbus?  

Bring your bikes, skateboards, jump ropes, water to stay hydrated, and your smile.  You’ll be smiling, a lot.  We’ll have volunteers available to ask questions as well as an ‘Info’ booth.


2. What can I expect at Open Streets Columbus?

Our activity hubs will include: 2 ‘Pop-Up Yoga’ (POGA) sessions will take place near 4th and Main; 12:30p and 2:30p.  We’re building a large street Scrabble for all you ‘Wordies’ out there.  Shuffleboard, Badminton (fingers crossed for no wind), and roller-skating to wet your whistle.

While there will be activity hubs for people to participate in, Open Streets is about creating YOUR urban playground experiences.


3. How is Open Streets Columbus different from a Festival or a street fair

We’re glad you asked.  The core objectives are fundamentally different.  Indeed, Open Streets are typically part of a broader city or organizational effort to encourage sustained physical activity, increase community engagement, and build support for the provision of broader transportation choices.  Also, we are focused on providing the local businesses along the route and nearby the route a positive experience.  You’ll have fantastic eats and desserts to choose from on the route (AJ’s Cafe, Hae-Pauls Korean-American Restaurant, El Camino, Little Palace, Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace, Red Velvet Cafe Columbus, and 16-Bit Arcade) where you can take a break from playing, support local businesses, and then go back to playing.


4. Will there be restrooms?

We won’t have portable restrooms on hand however, the businesses you support along the route do.


5. Where can I park?  

It’s Sunday so any parking meters except the ones on the route are free game! We at Open Streets also encourage riding your bikes, taking COTA, walking, scooting, skateboarding, strolling, the CBUS Circulator, CoGo Bike Share or another form of alternative transportation.


6. Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed, however, you must provide your own water and bags for clean-up.  This is a city-owned street that needs to remain clean.  Dogs MUST be leashed at all times.


7. Will Open Streets have food?

Open Streets will be promoting the local businesses along the route this year.  You’ll be able to choose from:  AJ’s Cafe, Hae-Pauls Korean-American Restaurant, Little Palace, El Camino, Red Velvet Cafe, Dirty Franks, and 16-Bit Arcade.

8. Are you on Social Media?

Of course we are!  You can find us, ‘LIKE’ us and share us with your friends here:  www.facebook.com/openstreetscolumbus.  Follow us on Instagram: #openstreets614.  On the day of Open Streets, we hope many of you take tons of photos and use the hashtag #openstreets614.  We’ll be compiling all the photos to be used for future ‘Open Streets Columbus’ initiatives.  Our Twitter handle: @openstreets614

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