September 11,2016

Our downtown streets are wide and fast.  You can’t fully experience your downtown or other neighborhoods when you’re driving 35mph.

Open Streets Columbus wants you to SLOW DOWN

On Sunday, September 11th from 12-4p, come join us for the third Open Streets on downtown Fourth Street between Main St and Broad St. and go at your pace.  Downtown Fourth St. will be temporarily closed to cars for four hours where people can come meet in the street and enjoy fun recreational activities such as: shuffleboard, four-square, biking, dance classes taught by La Blast, and much more.

Open Streets Columbus allows people to take back their streets and enjoy them through a whole new perspective. Always Free and Always Fun.  A human-pace perspective.  By removing speeding cars, people of all ages and abilities can have a chance to naturally mix with one another, engage in fun, recreational activities, and create a vibrant city street experience.

Car traffic is replaced by ‘people’ traffic and the streets become ‘urban playgrounds’ for people to come out and improve their mental, physical, and emotional health.

Stay tuned as well be posting street activities for the 2016 event, very soon.

4th street map(click on map to enlarge)